Olson’s Salt Services takes pride in our one-stop-shop approach to your water conditioning needs. We will perform a full water analysis to establish your particular needs. In addition to water softening products, we also install and maintain iron filters, as well as Ionization and reverse osmosis systems. You can rely on Olson’s to also provide all of the supplies needed to support these applications. Depending on your specific water conditioning requirements, we will recommend and deliver the specific type of salt that will best suit your needs. And, to make your life even easier, you can arrange for us to load the salt right into the softener. For larger commercial accounts we’ll deliver pallets of salt to assure a supply that will last at least a month.

All of Olson’s Salt Sevices systems are available as leased equipment and come standard with a full maintenance agreement that covers 5 years of service. Or, if you prefer, outright purchase arrangement can be made.